True Colors Transgender Support Meetings

This group is off to a new start. The Black Hills area has an array of transgender individuals, representing a varied age frame. Our meetings are open to everyone over the age of 18. If you are younger, please contact the Black Hills Center for Equality for additional information. You can call (605) 348-3244, message us on Facebook or email us at our website, Spouses and other family members (ie. parents, siblings, ext.) are more than welcome, in fact encouraged to join us. The structure of this group will be welcoming to their questions and concerns just as well as any transgender person. There are no rules to appearance besides avoiding any drug related or derogatory clothing. Some individuals are exploring the idea of their identity while others are far along with their transitions. Our group is intended to be a safe and supportive environment for everyone no matter where they are at. This also includes gender fluid and those who fall in a similar area on the gender spectrum. This groups main focus is a balance of sharing self-expression. The tools will be shared to safely cope with emotions brought on by their identities, self-awareness and safe mental health activities and peer support. Although more lax than an AA meeting there are some similarities in structure. Such as introductions and a short overview of ways the group will be kept as a safe environment. These rules will be gone over at the beginning of each meeting for new individuals. Individuals will be encouraged to involve themselves, but always allowed to pass without question. The group is guided by two professional who are qualified to conduct these meetings.

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