Rapid City Community Conversations Event: Respecting the Past and Honoring the Future

On Saturday morning BHCFE board members Patti Martinson and Sarah Keppen attended the 8th Community Conversations event. Community Conversations is a group that focuses on the ongoing issue of Native American race relations and equality in the Rapid City area. The Community Conversation events are primarily about building and strengthening relationships as well as coming up with ideas to improve race relations. At Saturday’s event, there were several very engaging speakers that spoke on different topics with a focus on ‘Respecting the Past and Honoring the Future’. Afterwards, attendees broke into groups and discussed the topics ‘What gifts of the past continue to give?’ and What positive possibilities for the future do they illuminate?’ with the featured event speakers. The event ended with an activity called ‘I heard you say’. The featured speakers recapped what was discussed in their sessions with the breakout groups and then attendees were asked to tell the speakers what they heard them say. It was an inspiring event to attend and worth getting up early on a Saturday. (Side note: I’m not a morning person).

Saturday’s event was a Host Team of Rapid City Community Conversations event. There are also individual’s groups that working on initiatives such as Healing Conversations are open to everyone, and the next will be held February 25th, 2016.
Warm Regards,

Sarah Keppen
BHCFE Secretary


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