New GLBT friendly business.

Message from Drea!
“Beyond Physical Culture ( is opening soon and they are LGBT+ friendly. Non-gendered restrooms with plenty of room to change clothes/wash up in private. It’s a holistic minded facility with a focus on lifestyle instead of diet and exercise, functional mobility and movement instead of “beach bodies”, and quality of life over quality of looks. We have something for everyone – from the beginners to the body builders. We will be having a grand opening (tentatively scheduled) March 19 – more info on that to come. I would love to let everyone in LGBT+ community know that there’s a place for them to workout in Rapid City. $33/month for individuals, $20/month for students – discounts for early bird registration and if people pay for the year in advance.
Peace & health, Drea Rapid City Acupuncture 2720 W Main St, Suite 3 Rapid City, SD 57702 605-791-4001 .”.

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