National Coming Out Day

October 11th was National Coming Out Day.   This is a day set aside for everyone to be reminded that for every LGBT person who steps out of their closet, the world becomes a better place.  Not to mention what it does for that person who begins to live their lives with truth.  It takes courage to make that move.  We honor everyone and celebrate those individuals who made that decision.


On this important day, the Black Hills Center for Equality, hosted a talk by Brett Ray. Brett wrote a book about his life entitled “My Name is Brett:  Truths from a Trans Christian” (available on  During his hour long talk, Brett told the audience of 75, what it was like discovering his truths.  Then followed a lively question and answer period.


We’d like to thank South Dakota School of Mines, Madison Caeleigh Puntillo, President of the GSA at the Mines and her trusty volunteers for all the help they offered that day.


Please check out Brett’s book.  It is such a good read about a very delightful person who inspires all those he meets.  Thank you Brett.


Posted here is information taken from his website:


“My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian” is the story of a transgender Christian finding his name, voice, and strength. The book holds humorous stories of his upbringing, tough stories of addiction, and the stories of hope he has found in his transition. It centers on his journey toward his name—Brett—and how foundational finding and being called Brett is for “naming” the big truths in his life. A transition is never easy, and the book refuses to water down the difficult complexities of being transgender. But, it simultaneously refuses to deny the continually regenerating hope found in loving family, friends, recovery, and in the ability to tell one’s story honestly and boldly. Most simply put, “My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian” is a love story; it’s a love story about a man finally falling in love with himself.


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