Meet Our Board of Directors

The purpose of this page is to keep the community informed of all decisions, where to find Meeting Minutes (meeting minutes are located under about > meet our board of directors > meeting minutes), and general comments from the Board of Directors. We will update this page as the need arises.

Board Members are elected to a 2 (two) year alternating term and approximately 1/2 of the board members are elected each year at the annual General Board Meeting (Board Application). The number of board positions is outline in the by-laws and determined by a majority vote of the current board of directors.

Current Board of Director’s


Michael Hanson – President



Sarah Keppen – Vice President



Miller Cannizzaro РSecretary



Bradley Banning РTreasurer



Members at Large:

Kelly Barnes


Brittany Blue Legs


Erin Anderson


Monique Mousseaux


Patti Martinson