Let us know you are here

The Center gets a number of calls each month from people who are considering coming out, or people who have moved here.


Our world has changed over the last 40, 20, 10 years. Many of us have come out to our family, friends, even some places of employment are accepting. We have gotten to a “comfortable” place. And yet, we cannot forget those who are still struggling to take that step many of us did years ago.

The question that’s asked goes as follows: “I’m new in town or I think I might need to change my life (not many can even say the word gay) how do I go about meeting others?


That’s a hard question to answer. The Center has put some things in place to help with that need. Every third Tuesday, Board member Pam holds a meet and greet at the Brass Rail. It starts at 8:30 pm. This fall our monthly pot luck will start up again (watch this page for the startup date). And there are 4 dances each year, New Years, Big Gay Prom (April), Pride (July) and Halloween. And lastly there is the support group, True Colors, for the Transgender population.


While those things above help there are a lot of days between those events. So we want to try something. We encourage all the LGBT+ and our allies to take some selfies and let us know where you are. Please remember that these photos might go far and wide and we do not want to see someone loose their job or their housing. We do not want to “out” someone before they are ready. So make sure that those in your photo know what you are doing with it and make sure it is ok with each person.


When you post your selfie on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bhcfequality please use the hashtag ‪#‎wearehere


Last night, at the Summer Nights gathering downtown, these four found each other. Nancy Rosenbrahn, David Strand, Jeremy Coller and Clay Schweitzer.

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