Human Trafficking Information Booth

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Black Hills Center for Equality was invited to set up an information booth at the Human Trafficking Task Force event. Nancy & Jennie Rosenbrahn got the opportunity to watch a documentary, CHOSEN*. Following the film was a panel discussion. On the panel consisted of 2 people from the Sheriff’s department, one from the Crisis Center, another from the hospital and a rep from the States Attorney’s office. Those in the audience were invited to ask questions. As we sat there and listened it was apparent that they were not addressing a sizable population of vulnerable youth. We all know that nationally, 40% of the homeless youth are LGBTQ+ and asked if they ever came across any such youth in the past. To date they stated they had not encountered any youth identifying LGBTQ+. After the panel the Special Agent from the Sheriff’s office came to our table to talk. the Sheriff’s Department will contact Black Hills Center for Equality to explore how we can help them before the motorcycle rally. That is a huge trafficking time in South Dakota.


*CHOSEN is a gripping new documentary from Shared Hope International that was released nationwide to open hearts and eyes to the tragic dangers of sex trafficking and educate young people to recognize the danger signs. The 21 minute, shocking true story will engage all kinds of people with the truth and equip them to protect themselves and others from being “chosen”.

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