Good Board members and selfless volunteers = PRICELESS !!

Black Hills Center for Equality has the best Board members and volunteers in town. Last night I had the pleasure of working with David, Lyle, Jen, Patti, Sarah, Lexy and Miller. We don’t know how much yet, but we were concession runners at the Rush hockey game and we made money for the Center. Most of us started the night very unsure what would be expected, but it didn’t take long for all of us to learn the ropes and have people laughing with us. Did we do a good job – well the concession manager wants us back in her booth. Way to go team!

So – to tell you how dedicated those mentioned above are (David, Patti, Sarah and Lyle), they were back at it again this morning at 9am to decorate the Sylvan room for the Halloween dance tonight. We were joined by Randie and Doug. Wait till you see what their hard work did. It turned a large empty room into a Halloween celebration.

The Center is in need of Board members and volunteers now. My biggest concern – to keep the Center moving forward – it takes Board members and volunteers. I do not want to burn these dependable people out. If we have a large pool of people willing to lend an hour or two, the work load is spread out. Please consider joining us. Contact us in the comments below, call the Center at 605-348-3244. We have some exciting ideas of where to take the Center and claim our place in Rapid City and the surrounding area. Be a part of an incredible team.

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