Candlelight Vigil for Orlando

Last night 100 people came together at Main Street Square to light a candle for the loss of lives in Orlando, Florida. The LGBTQ Community has suffered many times in our history. Stonewall and the AIDS crisis come to mind. Yesterday was especially painful. It happened in our club, a place we have all gone to for community and safety. Where we can be ourselves without having to worry who’s watching.



The people who gathered in the Square came to support one another and our LGBTQ Community. They came from all walks of life. A couple from Belgium stopped.  They just recently suffer losses from a terrorist attack in their country. A Native family happened on our gathering and asked if they could offer a song. All signs that we are one world, one people and we grieve together.


This event was made possible by the lovely Pam Roes with the support of her intended, Brett Ray. In her grief she needed to do something and the Vigil was born.



We thank all those that joined us in the Square. Your energy and support filled the air and our hearts.

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