4D-5k Community Unity Day

Black Hills Center for Equality (BHCFE) had a two-spirit booth at 1st annual Rapid City Community Unity Day. This fun-filled day was arranged by the Healers and Transformers group part of Community Conversations. Rapid City Community Conversations is working toward improving race relations in Rapid City. This organization is accomplishing this through community innovation to reverse institutional and individual racism through conversations focused on relationship-building and shared values.

The day’s events consisted of a four directions 5K walk/run, proclamation by Mayor Allender, booths, entertainment speakers, honoring ceremony, and food. The day started off with an aerial photo of walkers and runners in the medicine wheel formation. The walk/run began shortly afterwards. Throughout the day there was entertainment including several dance troupes and local magician Reuben Fasthorse. Four local community members were honored as the 2016 Rapid City Healers and Transformers award including Beverly Stabber Warne, Bruce Long Fox, Jim Scull, and Regional Health CEO Brett Phillips.


BHCFE Secretary Sarah Keppen was on the planning team for the 1st annual Community Unity Day. She serves on the Healers and Transformers team part of Community Conversations. In addition BCHFE board members Patti Martison and Eddie Crandell were at the 1st annual Community Unity Day running the BHCFE two-spirit booth. It was a great day of activities. Over 500 people came out to the 1st annual Community Unity Day.



If you would like more information on Rapid Community Conversations you can visit their website at http://www.rcconversations.org/.


Warm Regards,


Sarah Keppen

BHCFE Secretary



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